Detailing your car has never been so easy!

Detailing your car has never been so easy!

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LJ Auto Detailing

Being a huge car enthusiast to opening up a detailing business. It started from a kid having a huge passion for cars. I love working on all types of brands/models. I always used to wash my own cars and family cars and absolutely loved doing it. Then my best friend Mark told me why not open a business out of it. So, I figured since I love cars and working on them why not do it so I and Mark decided to open it up. It all started from the trunk of my Camaro. Then job by job, the business kept growing and every customer was always satisfied. I take a lot of passion in what I do, now from working out of a little trunk to owning a shop. At the shop, we service, window tinting, ceramic coatings, paint corrections, regular car wash, and still offer mobile services. A Gold Standard Precision detailing, where Passion meets Quality.

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What People Are Saying

I got their Royal Wash for my car and it was wonderful, worth every penny! The customer service is amazing, they truly understand the client’s requirements and work accordingly.

Jonson Trimph

Their services are excellent, I have contacted them multiple times and every time they have worked exceptionally great. Customer service is excellent and they make sure to deliver the best.

Sierray Williams

LJ Auto Detailing is one of the best in town! They deliver quality work in no time, I am truly impressed by their services. The staff is very cooperative, I will surely be back in the future!

Alex Haysman